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We are a sister publishing company of Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG

We help people achieve personal and professional growth

For more than 15 years our guides help individuals meet the challenges of both work and private life more effectively – to achieve independence and success, to manage time and money more productively, to find satisfaction in family life and much, much more.

We make consulting know-how available to everyone

Our periodicals and information services supplement and support individualized consulting and learning programmes. Our publications are printed in large editions and thus make expert consulting know-how available at a fraction of the cost of personal consulting and training.

We promote the achievement of social goals

We want our services to encourage self-reliance, self-initiative and creativity, for independent people who are willing and able to assume responsibility are the pillars of a free and humane society.


Our information service for your health

FID health publications provide medical and health information to health-conscious individuals. We give advice about the treatment and prevention of disease to various target groups in the entire medical and health sectors. This advice is usually in printed form, but it can also be multimedia

Our independent comments help the reader choose the right therapy by pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of various medical procedures. Our comprehensive interdisciplinary information contributes to disease prevention. All facts are based on scientific facts and are independently res


Our information service for your success

The "Success" sector of our publishing house provides you with tips, stories and information that you can put to immediate use for your own personal success.

The user-friendly background information, researched and tested by specialists, gives you the newest and best tips and shows you how you can adapt them quickly and easily to your own personal advantage. So you can put your own personal success strategy into practice right away.


Our information service for your success on the stock market

Investor Publishing for Private Investors helps individuals decide for themselves where they want to invest their money. With its broad range of products, Investor Publishing can help private investors increase their assets in a style tailored to their own experience, funds and mentality.